Hi – I’m Blake.

I am a NYC based videographer, editor, and musician with over 10 years experience in the production industry.  (IMDB RESUME) I shoot/direct/edit/produce/score/distribute web video and digital media content – everything from industrials, commercials, interviews, lectures, live multi-camera events, independent series or dramatic projects – you name it, I can construct a customized plan and budget to meet your needs – for more information, rates, or if you have any questions, please contact me directly @ blaked13@gmail.com.
I am also the co-creator and executive producer of the webseries “Conversations w/ My Ex” that airs on the GWIST YouTube channel – we finished shooting season 1 and are in pre-production stages on season 2 – check it out here: CONVERSATIONS w/ MY EX

I am always upbeat and always prepared. I approach every video holistically – my experience coordinating large scale shows and my experience in the field give me a keen ability to take any project from the pre-production stage to on-time delivery – and I also believe in the economy of shooting just what we need, and conserving any way we can.  Through my music and my work, I try to echo the rhythm of life in every project…

I want to make something people will watch, but I also want to move people. Let’s tell a story through this elegant medium at our disposal. First we discuss your end-goal, then we will fine tune the details – cost and schedule – to meet your needs. Please scroll through my videos on the home page to view my work...

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